Chris Clark/The Grand Rapids Press/AP
Alex Heigl
May 14, 2015 08:35 AM

Maybe the 14th time’s the charm?

A Michigan family that’s already welcomed 12 sons into its ranks greeted their 13th baby boy Wednesday morning, after waiting to find out its sex.

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, both 40, stuck to their longstanding tradition of awaiting a delivery surprise. Jay confirmed the baby’s sex in a text message to the Associated Press.

“Now we need to choose a name! BLESSED beyond belief,” he added in a post on Facebook.

Kateri comes from a family of 14 children herself. “It doesn’t matter at this point,” she told The Grand Rapids Press last week, “If we had a little girl, that would be neat. “But I would be just as happy if we had a little boy.”

Jay disagreed, telling the paper that, “If I could put my order in, I would root for a girl. I’ve done all the boy stuff. I’d just like to experience it from the other side once.”

According to The Grand Rapids Press, a genetics counselor put the odds of giving birth to 12 sons in a row at .02 percent.

The new baby joins Tyler, 22, Zach, 19, Drew, 18, Brandon, 16, Tommy, 13, Vinnie, 12, Calvin, 10, Gabe, 8, Wesley, 6, Charlie, 5, Luke, 3, and Tucker, 1.

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