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Sarah Palin's Emails: Trampolines & Tanning Beds

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Robert Pitts/Landov

The state of Alaska released more than 24,000 pages of email exchanges from the account of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, and it’s not all about policy and planning. takes at highlights from some of the less-business-like correspondence:

Jumping Around?

It wasn’t strictly business for Palin’s hubby Todd, either. In an email dated June 27, 2007, Todd wrote, “Sarah says it is OK for Willow s friends to jump on the trampoline, but if they get out of control or one of them gets hurt on state grounds this could be a problem.”

The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Is that Palin hanging out with Elvis Presley? You betcha! In an attached picture, which is altered with a photo filter, Palin poses with her husband Todd and an Elvis impersonator.

A Tan Plan

Palin took heat in 2008 when her installation of a private tanning bed in the Juneau governor’s mansion made headlines, and now the nitty-gritty plans are in the public domain from a Jan. 28, 2008, email.

“Install the bed in the basement next to the dryer and share the 220 outlet with the dryer,” an email from Executive Residence Manager Erika Fagerstrom about the tanning bed, which reportedly cost taxpayers about $35,000, reads. “The bed would fit against the wall where the table is currently located.”

A later email from Fagerstrom continued: “On a day like today, I wish the bed was ready to go for you to use right away!”

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