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Sandra Bullock: My Husband Is Injury-Prone

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There’s one thing Sandra Bullock knows she can expect from her husband, Monster Garage host Jesse James.

“There’s always going to be hospital stays … like twice a year at least, and I know that,” Bullock, who stars in the new movie Premonition, tells TV’s Extra.

Preparing for the inevitable, she adds, “I have all the information for insurance always close by in a wallet or in a purse.”

Not that Bullock wasn’t aware of what might happen when she first fell for James. “I knew what I was getting into. Within three months of our relationship, he wrecked a car at 120 mph and almost died.”

Having recently told InStyle magazine that before getting to know James, “I assumed he was a homophobic chauvinist, a bigot who kills people,” Bullock, 42, reiterates for Extra that the false assumption “made me really sad in myself, given that I considered myself very open minded.”