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Sandler's New Movie Going Slow: Studio

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It sounds like a marriage that couldn’t fail: box-office champ Adam Sandler and Oscar winner James L. Brooks, who also has TV’s “The Simpsons” to his considerable credit.

But the collaboration between the two, a movie called “Spanglish,” is running overtime and over-budget (by $10 million, from $75 million to $85 million) — and its studio, Columbia Pictures, is feeling anxious, Variety reports.

Brooks, whose movies include “Terms of Endearment” and “As Good As It Gets” (as well as the flop “”I’ll Do Anything”), said in a statement, “we will possibly be five weeks over,” though the movie has already been shooing for five months. It was to have shot for three months.

Production began last Nov. 17.

Still, there have been tangible problems, with Anne Bancroft, who was playing the Tea Leoni character’s mother in the movie, having to be replaced by Cloris Leachman when Bancroft took ill. Those scenes needed to be entirely re-shot.

Perfectionist Brooks also reportedly wanted to rewrite and recast Leoni’s role, but was talked out of hiring another actress.

Sandler also had to take time out from production to promote his most recent movie, “Fifty First Dates,” with Drew Barrymore.