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Frozen's Elsa as a Man? Gender-Bending Portraits Reimagine Disney Ladies

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Sakimi Chan

What if The Little Mermaid were a large merman?

Did we just blow your mind?

Well, we can’t take full credit for it. Sakimi Chan, a digital artist based in Canada, specializes in exactly this sort of thing. And Chan’s gender-swapped portraits of female Disney characters are a) very pretty, and b) excellent for raising questions about just what Disney films are saying.


Sakimi Chan’s gender-flipped Elsa, from Frozen
Sakimi Chan
Would Frozen‘s sibling storyline be affected if one of the sisters was a guy?


Sakimi Chan’s gender-flipped Maleficent
Sakimi Chan
Maleficent may have just been considered a strong leader if she’d been a man.

The Little Mermaid

Sakimi Chan’s gender-flipped Ariel
Sakimi Chan
It would be kind of refreshing to have a guy lose his voice for the sake of pursuing a woman, wouldn’t it? But we might lose our favorite Zoolander joke in the process.

101 Dalmatians

Sakimi Chan’s gender-flipped Cruella DeVille
Sakimi Chan
Carl DeVille – as we’ve taken the liberty of christening this portrait – would probably have just been considered a forward-thinking, motivated businessman instead of a villain.

See more of Chan’s work on Tumblr, Facebook and deviantART.

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