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Russell to Hear Patter of Crowe's Feet

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“Gladiator” Oscar winner Russell Crowe dropped a bundle of happy news Monday on Australia’s Channel Nine TV: His wife, Danielle Spencer, is expecting their first child in January, reports the Associated Press.

“Danni is 14 weeks and three days. So it is a lot of fun and she is feeling all the effects of it,” said Crowe, 39.

His wife appreciated Crowe’s sarcasm about her condition, his Australian publicist told the Chicago Sun-Times, adding that Spencer “gets his sense of humor. … He actually is very attentive and sympathetic and sensitive to Danielle as she goes through her morning sickness.”

The rep said news of the blessed event “should not come as a huge surprise to anyone” given that the couple made clear “their intention to get pregnant as soon as possible” after their wedding.

Rumors that the bride was with child started surfacing in the press in early June.

Besides the new addition to his family, Crowe also has a new movie, set to open this November: director Peter Weir’s naval epic of the Napoleonic wars in the early 19th century, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.”