Todd Peterson
February 24, 2005 08:00 AM

Russell Crowe insists he had nothing to do with the $25 million drama Eucalyptus being put on hold just three days before filming was to begin in Australia. Well, almost nothing.

In an e-mail to Sydney’s The Sunday Telegraph, the temperamental actor took issue with press reports and comments by costar Hugo Weaving (The Matrix) that he helped scuttle the project because he disliked the script.

“Oh, for goodness sake, what’s next? Perhaps I wanted to play (costar Nicole Kidman’s) role as well?” wrote Crowe, who is also the film’s executive producer.

He did write that he admired the original script, calling it “magical and mysterious,” but “I was taken aback at the addition of a scene requiring me to expose my penis to the young Queen Elizabeth.”

Fox Searchlight Pictures calls the postponement “a collective decision,” while Crowe said he is still passionate about the movie.

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