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Ruben Studdard: Sour Note with Ex-Manager

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American Idol winner Ruben Studdard is singing the blues, alleging in a legal complaint filed with the Birmingham, Ala., police department that his former manager has committed identity theft and forgery to the tune of nearly $250,000.

In a papers filed Monday, Studdard, 26, says Ronald W. Edwards forged documents in order to give himself power of attorney over the singer, the Associated Press reports.

Studdard also claims that Edwards racked up $105,000 in credit-card bills and wrote $150,000 worth of checks on Studdard’s account. The report also says $22,000 in checks were stolen and deposited in Edwards’s account.

Studdard sued Edwards and his marketing company, SEZ Inc., in February amid claims that Edwards misused more than $246,000 of Studdard’s money.

Edwards denied the allegations and has indicated Studdard owes him money, AP reports. Edwards filed a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on June 17, prompting a stay in the lawsuit.

A lawyer for Studdard reportedly claimed that Edwards’s bankruptcy filing was an effort to avoid giving a deposition in the lawsuit. Edwards’s attorney, Glennon Threatt, denied those claims.