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Who Tells the Queen What to Wear?

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Oli Scarff/PA/Abaca

It’s good to be Queen.

In addition to all of the prestige and perks that come with the title, Queen Elizabeth II has her very own dresser.

Angela Kelly, 58, whose full title is PA, adviser and curator to HM The Queen, has been outfitting her majesty for years. And the April 29 nuptials of her grandson will be no exception.

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Insiders say it’s “a near certainty” that Kelly will create the Queen’s look for the royal wedding, and the dresser is said to be in the process of designing two outfits from which the queen will choose, according to the Sunday Express.

The matriarch of the royal family won’t make her choice between the two (and a third outfit that’s been commissioned outside the palace) until the morning of the big day, based upon the weather. Though one of the Kelly creations seems to be the obvious choice.

“I would be amazed if she didn’t wear an Angela Kelly outfit to the wedding,” says one royal source. “The Queen relies on her as she did Bobo Macdonald, her former dresser of 60 years, but Angela has much more power than Bobo ever had.”

So who is Angela Kelly?

The feisty, twice-divorced dresser came from very humble beginnings to earn her spot serving the royal family, and she’s become one of the Queen’s closest confidants in the process.

Despite the class divide between the two women, Kelly and the Queen have a lot in common – they both have grown children, and Kelly, too, has grandchildren whom she dotes on.

The Queen is even known to have once told Kelly, as they stood next to each other in front of a mirror: “We could be sisters.”

But perhaps it’s her dresser’s no-nonsense attitude that Her Majesty most appreciates.

“I don’t know why the Queen seems fond of me,” Kelly has joked in an interview, “because I don’t give her an easy time!”

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