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Rosie Roils Over Stories She's Single

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When it comes to her home life, Rosie O’Donnell does not joke around.

On Thursday, the former TV host, 41, demanded a retraction from the National Enquirer after it ran a story detailing a series of alleged fights and claiming that her live-in partner of six years, Kelli Carpenter, 35, recently walked out with their 4-month-old daughter, Vivi.

“Printing that I am 310 pounds is one thing,” O’Donnell said a statement. “Printing that my partner and our newborn daughter have left is another. I will not tolerate such a hurtful and slanderous lie. We are a happy family with two mothers and four children.”

Besides Vivi, who was conceived through artificial insemination, the upstate New York-based O’Donnell and Carpenter have three adopted children, ages 7, 5 and 3.

In its April 15 editions, the tabloid claimed Carpenter, a former marketing executive at Nickelodeon, spent the night in hotels on two separate occasions after she and O’Donnell, “battled over minor domestic issues.” One spat cited was allegedly over Carpenter’s failure to remove spoiled milk from the refrigerator.

“It’s all a pack of lies and the National Enquirer was told it was a pack of lies,” O’Donnell’s Los Angeles-based attorney, Bert Fields, tells Reuters.

In her statement, O’Donnell said she was weighing the possibility of suing the tabloid for defamation after “repeatedly” printing “malicious and untrue” stories because “the constant reports of her family’s demise has caused tremendous pain.”

Officials at the Florida-based Enquirer could not be reached for comment.