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Rosie O'Donnell's Bad Biker Encounter

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No peaceful Florida vacation for Rosie O’Donnell – who found herself in a screaming match with a biker that eventually had him retreating.

Writing this weekend on her blog, the formidable former co-host of The View, 45, describes how she returned to her parked convertible with partner Kelli Carpenter after “we had just finished eating” early dinner on Saturday.

There, they encountered a man and his Harley Davidson “hog,” and, while Carpenter backed out the car, as Rosie reports in her trademark haiku style:

came a bald screaming infuriated man
it’s always a man
i tell ya

as i buckled my belt
he ran towards r car

“chill dude –
we didn’t touch it”

This apparently did not calm him down, however, and soon there was name-calling.

he got madder
pupils big – snorting like a dragon
he screamed

the trump card

As she says, this was no time to cower. According to O’Donnell’s account, she stood up in her car seat, raised her hands over her head and – with a smile – yelled back and repeated the label, adding, “CORRECT SIR.” His reaction?

he stormed back to his table
right there in the lincoln mall

For all the ugliness of the incident, O’Donnell still concludes her Web message on an upbeat note:

sun is setting
it is beautiful here
in Miami
dolphins and dreams

peace out