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Rosie O'Donnell Blogs: 'Sad' Over Showdown

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The on-air clash between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday’s The View may have died down when the cameras were shut off, but the clamor continues.

On O’Donnell’s Web site, under the heading Ask Ro, fans – and some detractors – are delivering messages of support and asking some questions, which the outspoken TV star is answering.

In one posting, someone identifying herself only as a Donna writes: “WOW! I felt the pain in you today, she didn’t even get it, it is about a friend sticking up for a friend. You will be missed!” Replies O’Donnell: “sad.”

Another fan, identified as pokey, writes: ” Was stunned the way EH was going at u. U have said she is ur friend. I would not want a friend like her. I could hear in your voice the pain u feel PEACE2U,” to which O’Donnell replied, “shock mostly.”

But the question is also put on the table over whether O’Donnell will even return to the program. One fan asks on the Web site: “Rosie! Will you be back on The View? When?”

“No idea,” responds O’Donnell, who had already been planning to take Thursday off to celebrate the 40th birthday of her partner, Kelli Carpenter. O’Donnell’s contract expires next month.

The question crops up again after a fan named Sher writes: “Your hurt feelings by EH are an example of your geniuneness and why I applaud your decision to leave. The fight today was painful for anyone who cares about you. Please walk away. It’s not worth it.”

Responds O’Donnell: “well u know when its time 2 go.”

Asked if O’Donnell will be back on the show Monday, a spokesperson for The View tells PEOPLE, “Yes.” O’Donnell’s rep was unavailable for comment.

The on-air political debate erupted less over differences of opinion than what seemed to be O’Donnell’s annoyance that Hasselbeck has not defended her from attacks by conservative news sources.

But later on Wednesday, Hasselbeck, 29, told TV’s Extra that she and O’Donnell, 45, harbor no resentment toward one another. “The best thing about today is that there’s no slow boil, none. It’s there, it’s an issue, it’s dealt with and it’s over,” she said.

Not one to stay out of a View controversy, Donald Trump also weighed in – this time taking aim at Hasselbeck. “On this one I think Rosie should win,” he told Extra. “I think anybody that’s against the war in Iraq is the winner of the fight, because to justify the war in Iraq – only an imbecile could do that.”

There has also been online chatter over another, less explosive moment on Wednesday’s View in which guest Alicia Silverstone appeared to snub Hasselbeck. The Clueless star appeared on Wednesday’s show immediately after the contretemps – and ignored Hasselbeck as she went on to hug the others. A rep for Silverstone refused to comment.