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Michael Y. Park
October 21, 2009 01:10 PM

Rose O’Donnell says that she had her spouse of five years, Kelli Carpenter, are undergoing rough patch in their relationship – and passes up a chance to refute speculation that Carpenter has moved out of their home in Nyack, N.Y., and into an apartment in Manhattan.

“We’re a family. We will remain a family forever. And we are working on our issues,” O’Donnell, 47, tells USA Today in an interview conducted Tuesday.

“Kelli and I love each other very much and we are working on our issues,” a tearful O’Donnell says, emphasizing that the couple’s four children are “a priority.” “Those are the only words I am ever going to say. Ever. And that is something that has been agreed upon by all parties. But everything’s fine and everybody’s good and we’re still both raising them together. We will both continue to parent them and we’re friendly and everything’s all right.”

When asked about the reports that Carpenter, 42, had moved, O’Donnell simply repeated her first statement.

“We’re a family, we remain a family and we’re working on the issues,” she said again.

The interview took place in O’Donnell’s home in the suburbs of New York, and Carpenter was not present.

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