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Rocky Road for Rolling Stones and Boss

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It’s turning into a tough week for two big rock acts, the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

The Associated Press reports that the Teamsters Union has vowed to close down two Stones performances this weekend at San Francisco’s Pacific Bell Park if the show’s promoter, Bill Graham Presents (which is now a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications), refuses to employ union workers. The union is reportedly already picketing the concert site.

“We’ve been having trouble with Clear Channel for years,” William Cromartie, president of Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 85, tells the news service. “They want to bring in kids to work for $6 or $7 an hour and give them a T-shirt.”

“This is specifically a local dispute between Bill Graham Presents and the local Teamsters,” Howard Schacter, a spokesman for Clear Channel’s entertainment division, tells AP.

Added Sherry Wasserman, a spokeswoman for the promoter: “We have the expertise developed to do those jobs. They are using this high-profile show to strong-arm us.”

Meanwhile, AP also reports that the Boss’s concert in Austin, Texas, scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed because sax player Clarence Clemons, 60, required surgery for a detached retina.

He successfully underwent the operation after Monday night’s show in Houston, said a spokesman for Springsteen, though he didn’t disclose a date for the rescheduled concert. (The Austin American-Statesman newspaper reports that it’s been set for March 2.)

The status of other performances on the tour, including the next scheduled stop Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, has not been announced, AP reports.