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Robin Wright Penn Will Remain Friends with Her Ex

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Courtesy Redbook Magazine

Fresh from her split from Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn is embracing a new life.

“New beginnings, definitely,” she tells Redbook in its November issue, out Oct. 27. “For me, my career too. My kids are older now.”

But, of course, ending a marriage isn’t easy. After a notoriously rocky 13-year marriage to infamously hot-tempered actor/director Penn, the actress, 43, filed for divorce in August for what appears to be the final time.

“It never [feels good],” she says of their public split. “Yes, it’s divorce; it’s a given that it will be public. But it’s so disrespectful. ‘You’re an actress, you owe us this?’ ‘F— you,’ is what I say.”

Comparing her emotions to “high tide, low tide,” she says, “Okay, I have to relax and just give it over.”

But it’s a path that she says takes her away from a state of what she previously called being stagnant.

“The older you get, of course, the knowingness of the truth – the ownership of knowing – is louder,” she says. “And that voice is louder, definitely: ‘So are you not happy now?’ ”

But that doesn’t mean putting the past totally away. Asked if she’d remain friends with her ex, with whom she has two children, she answered, simply: “Yeah.”