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Rob Corddry

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He may be best known as The Daily Show’s resident “vice-presidential firearms mishap analyst,” but Rob Corddry is more than a hard-hitting fake-news correspondent: He’s also a cartoon. Or at least he will be on March 10, when he makes his animated debut on The N’s O’Grady (9:30 p.m. ET). The Boston native, 35, talked with about life as a comedy heartthrob and why he can’t wait to meet his first child when she arrives this summer.

What’s your role on O’Grady?
I play a con man working for an entity similar to Habitat for Humanity. Who is, even animated, very handsome.

Your brother Nate is also on The Daily Show. Are you from a funny family?
I’m from a very sarcastic family. Everybody in Boston fancies themselves a comedian, much like we all did around the dinner table. So Nate and I were just as funny or as sarcastic as everyone – we just needed more attention.

Did you help him get his Daily Show gig?
To tell you the truth, I really don’t know, because Nate has been establishing himself for quite some time. I went the comedy route and he went the theater route. He’s a better actor than I am – I’m just more handsome.

Is the comedy world a pretty small scene?
It’s like a Mafia – comedy is just one big turf war. I am right now actually trying to whack Will Ferrell. And Steve Carrell, apparently, is the new don.

You and your wife (Sandra, a speech pathologist) are expecting your first child in July. Nervous?
I was nervous, and then I was just frustrated because it hadn’t really sunk in. Like, my wife was able to buy new pants, and I was just left with 30 seconds of an ultrasound. It wasn’t real to me until a couple of weeks ago when we saw that it was a girl and we saw on the ultrasound she has my chin, so I’m actually passing things down to someone.

Jon Stewart just had a daughter, and he’s said he’s nervous she’s going to want him to have tea with her and her panda.
I am so excited to have a girl! I’m really looking forward to having tea parties and playing with pandas. Not a lot of people know that I’m a big tea-party guy anyway. I know exactly what to say to a girl, and that’s, “More sugar! More fake sugar!”

Samantha Bee also has a new baby. Do you think your daughter will play with all the other Daily Show kids?
Oh my God, everyone and everyone’s wives here are pregnant. Uh, no, I don’t want her associating with those people.

Do you get recognized a lot?
You know, there are two types of Daily Show fans. One is the nerdy college kid who wants me to sign his nerdy college girlfriend’s boob, and then there’s the 50-year-old NPR listener with Alan Alda glasses that wants me to sign his tote bag.

You’ve become a bit of a comedy heartthrob. How’s life as a sex symbol?
Well, the pressure to always be this sexual is intense, of course. And it makes my feet sweat, so therefore, I smell, so it actually makes me less sexy.

At least you can’t tell on TV.
Exactly! Exactly. And luckily I have the hairstyle I do.