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Renée Zellweger on Leaving L.A. and E-Mailing George Clooney

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Lester Cohen/WireImage

In a business dominated by big cities and bright lights, Renée Zellweger says she’ll take one but not the other.

Zellweger, 38, tells Reader’s Digest in its November issue that she has to live in New York City for work – but she’s glad she left Los Angeles, where the media glare is so much brighter.

“I wasn’t really into being followed around everywhere by six guys with two-way radios,” says the Oscar-winning actress, who moved east in 2004 and now splits her time between N.Y.C. and Connecticut. “I also don’t want to be one of those people who are sour about it. So I decided I’d just leave.”

She adds: “I don’t need to be in the eye of the storm. I love acting, I really do love it, but I have a very hard time. It’s a strange thing to call a job.”

Zellweger says she’s found peace in her personal life, too, two years after her four-month marriage to Kenny Chesney ended.

“There’s good in every situation,” she says. “It sounds simplistic, but I still have the good things that have always been in my life.”

But she declines to say anything further about the marriage. “There’s nothing to add,” she says. “I got married, and I’m not married. Not everything works out like you might hope, and I’m not the first person to have disappointment in my life.”

The Buzz on Her Costars

In any case, she got plenty of work keeping her busy. She stars in Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld and the upcoming Leatherheads with George Clooney – and has nothing but praise for both actors.

“I had the best time working with him,” she says of Seinfeld. “Talk about looking forward to coming to the office. To watch as he’s coming up with something, you can see it: Oh, it’s brewing, it’s happening. Ah, what it’s going to be? And then out it spills, and it’s brilliant.”

Of Clooney, she reveals: “We have a lovely relationship. I write him six-page e-mails about my political rage, and he writes back, and cares too.”