Stephen M. Silverman
April 16, 1998 12:00 AM

Monday night, reports PEOPLE, Renée Zellweger arrived without a date at the New York premiere of her new movie, “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” based on the Helen Fielding bestseller. The actress, 31,was dressed in a black skirt suit — a departure from the eye-opening yellow vintage gown she wore to the Oscars. While paparazzi screamed her name, the diminutive star dutifully posed for the cameras on the red carpet, as did her co-star Hugh Grant. The movie’s romantic interest Colin Firth, however, did not make the premiere because his Italian wife is about to have a baby. Scottish actor Alan Cumming, now appearing in “Spy Kids” and the upcoming “Josie and the Pussycats,” was hard to miss at the event, thanks to his spiky yellow/green hair and plaid green with-sherbet-orange stripes suit. Asked afterwards what he thought of the film (which had sparked controversy when the slender American Zellweger was cast as the pudgy British single girl looking for love), Cumming told PEOPLE, “Renée Zellweger was f—— fabulous. And I so admire her because I was in London when it was announced she would play Bridget Jones, and there was so much public outcry about an American playing a quintessential English girl. I thought she was brilliant . . . she did the accent beautifully and the whole demeanor of that type of girl.”

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