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Recovering Roy Goes Home for Christmas

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Siegfried & Roy star Roy Horn has returned to his home in Las Vegas to continue recovering from his near-fatal Oct. 3 tiger mauling that brought down the curtain on the duo’s fabled show, his manager announced in a statement.

Horn, 59, who moved to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles two months ago, has been taken to the home he shares with Siegfried Fischbacher, according to manager Bernie Yuman.

A spokesman adds that Horn is able to write notes as a means to communicate. No other details of the extent of his recovery were available, said Reuters.

Earlier this month, Fischbacher said of Roy on the “Today” show: “He is moving now, little by little, speaking a few words … but this develops also every day.” Fischbacher concluded: “I think he’s going to recover everything. I have no doubt.”

In related news, there has been a response to last week’s statement by the musician Pink, who, in an open letter to Siegfried and Roy, pleaded that the duo release Gildah, a 55-year-old, four-ton Thai elephant, from their Las Vegas animal sanctuary.

Pink (real name: Alecia Moore), 24, said that “the poor soul was more tense and uncomfortable than I would be in the Mickey Mouse Club.” Pink further complained that Gildah is all alone, deprived of space and companionship.

In a statement, Feld Entertainment, which produced “Siegfried & Roy” and are the caretakers of Gildah, replies: “It was predictable, yet still disappointing, that a few people would try to exploit Roy Horn’s tragedy and popularity to advance a political agenda. This is the case with the letter we have received from Pink asking us to consider moving the Asian elephant, Gildah, who resides at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden … one of the most state-of-the-art, lavish animal sanctuaries in the world.”

Feld goes on to say: “Gildah is with animals, staff and caretakers with whom she has shared almost her entire adult life. She is healthy and contented, and we have no immediate plans to move her.”