Alex Heigl
January 15, 2014 08:00 AM

As far as police escapes go, “jumping 30 feet off a bridge into a near-freezing Oregon river” may rival “driving a white Bronco at 35 mph” for the worst.

But it still won’t stop some people from trying.

Rebecca Humphries, 26, was fleeing from police in a car that had been reported as stolen Jan. 8. She stopped the car on the Stark Street Bridge in Troutdale, Ore., and – displaying a remarkable lack of hesitation – jumped off the bridge, plummeting “30 or 40 feet” into water that Sgt. Carey Kaer told the New York Daily News was about 40 degrees.

Kaer said Humphries was in the water for about a minute before surrendering to officers on the banks of the river. He added that Humphries “did not elaborate” as to why she jumped in the water after she was arrested. She was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

“Once she hit the water she figured out how cold it was and got out as soon as she could,” he added.

Humphries later told TV station KATU that “It didn’t look as far when I looked down, as it did when I looked up.”

Words of wisdom.

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