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May 16, 2017 09:38 PM


Tom Bateman got more than what he was expecting on a recent boating trip.

The British heartthrob, 28, hopped on a boat in Hawaii with his Snatched costars on the 4th of July while filming — and thought he was about to witness Goldie Hawn risk her life by jumping off the moving boat.

Amy [Schumer] got us a boat and a few of us went out there and Goldie sort of looked off the side of the boat and went, ‘Oh my god, it’s beautiful!'” he tells PEOPLE Now. “And I was like this could’ve been the end of Goldie Hawn. She tried to jump in but the boat was moving and I thought, ‘This is a life moment right here.'”

But Hawn wasn’t always scaring Bateman. He reveals that one of the first conversation the two had was about dreams, leaving the actor impressed with how quickly Hawn made him feel comfortable opening up.

“She’s such an institution and then to have that very intimate conversation with someone very quickly it was like, ‘Wow, you are an amazing human being,'” he says.

Bateman also immediately hit it off with Schumer, his love interest in the film. The actor says they clicked right away when he came on set and started filming.

“The first scene we did, we improvised quite a lot and we got so off pace,” Bateman says of working with Schumer in his first American comedy. “I was just throwing things at her almost trying to throw her going, ‘She can’t have a response for this.’ She’s got a response for everything.”

Snatched is in theaters now.

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