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Reagan Jr. in Washington

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Ron Reagan, the 42-year-old son of President Ronald and Nancy Reagan, plans to be in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, but his presence won’t be to participate in the inauguration festivities for President-elect George W. Bush. The Seattle-based Reagan, who’s been a dancer and a TV commentator, is planning to co-host (with actor Billy Baldwin, 37) a party on behalf of the Creative Coalition. The aim is to launch a campaign for election reform, reports Variety. Long an outspoken opponent of the incoming president, Reagan, describing himself as “non-partisan,” tells columnist Army Archerd, “I’m not too optimistic that meaningful campaign reform is part of the agenda of George W. Bush.” As for Dubya, whose father, George Bush, was the vice-president under the younger Reagan’s father, Ronald, Ron says, “He’s in no way qualified for the job. He’s president in name only; it’s the people who pushed him into the job. It’s embarrassing for our country.” There has been no response from the Bush camp on any of the younger Reagan’s many critical comments on George W. since the Republican convention last summer.