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Razzies Swept Away by Britney, Lucas

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As Hollywood anxiously awaits the Oscar nominations Tuesday morning, we now have a better idea about who won’t be nominated — thanks to the 23rd annual Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies), which singles out 2002’s worst achievements in film.

And Britney, J.Lo and Madonna can take heart — in each other’s bad performances.

All three of the pop stars are nominated for worst actress: Lopez for “Enough” and “Maid in Manhattan,” Madonna for “Swept Away” and Spears for her big-screen debut, “Crossroads.” Joining them in the category are Angelina Jolie (“Life, or Something Like It”) and Winona Ryder (“Mr. Deeds”).

Competing for the year’s worst picture are Eddie Murphy’s “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”; Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s “Swept Away”; Spears’s “Crossroads”; Roberto Benigni’s plywood “Pinocchio”; and George Lucas’s box-office smash, “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.”

“Star Wars: Episode II,” “Swept Away” and “Crossroads” all tied with a field-worst seven nominations apiece. “Pinocchio” and “Pluto Nash” each had six.

The 11 Razzie awards — including that for the newest category, Most Flatulent Teen-Targeted Movie — will be announced in a bring-your-own-lunch ceremony on March 22, the day before the Oscars. Last year, Tom Green cleaned up for “Freddie Got Fingered.”

This year’s worst actor nominees: Benigni (“Pinocchio”); Adriano Giannini (“Swept Away”); Murphy (“Nash,” “I Spy” and “Showtime”); Steven Seagal (“Half Past Dead”); and Adam Sandler (“8 Crazy Nights” and “Mr. Deeds”).

Supporting acting nominees: Hayden Christensen, Tom Green, Freddie Prinze Jr., Christopher Walken and Robin Williams.

Supporting actress nominees: Lara Flynn Boyle, Bo Derek, Madonna, Natalie Portman and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

And in the highly coveted teen-targeted flick category, the nominees are “8 Crazy Nights,” “Crossroads,” “Jackass: The Movie,” “Scooby Doo” and “XXX.”

Best of “luck” to all the nominees.