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What to Expect from the Viking Apocalypse

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Bad news for your weekend plans: Ragnarök, the fiery end of the world as foretold by ancient Viking mythology, is currently scheduled for Feb. 22.

Here’s what’s said to happen Saturday:

1. The trickster god Loki’s grandson Skoll (who is a wolf) will eat the sun. Skoll’s brother will eat the moon.

2. The pair’s furious giant-wolf dad, Fenrir, is freed by these actions, somehow, and will begin wrecking things. Also, a giant snake named Jormungand will come out of the ocean. It’ll be like when that cockroach came out of your shower drain, only a billion times worse.

3. Nearly every single god – Odin, Thor, et al – will show up and start having a cosmological bar-brawl during which the world will be destroyed.

Apparently at some point post-destruction, the world will be restored as an idyllic paradise. So there is that to look forward to, post fiery death by gods, giant wolves and snakes.

Despite all the doom and gloom, we think things’ll be okay come Saturday. After all, Earth has the Hulk.

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