Melissa Locker
December 18, 2013 05:00 PM

President Barack Obama recently sat down for a conversation with comedian Steve Harvey. Halfway through the interview, which will air on Harvey’s daytime talk show on Dec. 20, the comedian suggested they ditch the chatter and go surprise White House visitors.

“Let’s go spread some Christmas cheer,” President Obama agreed. The two men stationed themselves in the White House to give guests a special little shock during the holiday tour of the president’s home.

The tourists were amazed to see Obama, and made the most of their chance encounter with the Commander in Chief.

“You’re an inspiration,” one young girl nervously told the president as the tourists filed past Obama and Harvey. ”

“You’ve got ears just like me,” the president told one young man. “That gives you some special power.” (That could have been a back-handed compliment, but luckily the kid agreed!)

To a woman celebrating a special day he said, “You get a birthday hug.” He then proceeded to give the woman a quick, yet warm embrace.

As people gathered around the president hoping for a chance to shake his hand, Harvey was (understandably) left in the cold. “I’ve never been ignored this many times ever,” he noted. Harvey ended up going for laughs instead, introducing himself as, “Hi, I’m Cedric the Entertainer.”

Harvey’s full interview with Obama airs Friday on his daytime television show.

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