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Father's Day GIFs for You from the Former Pregnant Husband Blogger

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Courtesy Jeffrey Bausch

You’ve heard a new baby is a gift. But for Jeffrey Bausch, it’s actually a GIF.

The new dad took to Tumblr throughout his wife’s pregnancy to document the everyday trials, tribulations and triumphs using GIFs on his blog, The Pregnant Husband. About 9,000 Likes on Facebook later, he welcomed his son in April – and started a new blog, Daddy Newbie, to continue (hilariously) illustrating his parenting adventures.

About to celebrate his first Father’s Day, Bausch shared these exclusive GIFs with PEOPLE to catch you up on his latest antics – diaper duty included.

When I get through a day of changing diapers without being pooped on once,

I’m like:

Ice Cube gif

My son was crying while my wife was getting herself situated to breastfeed him. When she takes him onto her lap,

He’s like:

Jon Stewart gif

When my wife asks me to give her gift ideas for my first Father’s Day,

I’m like:

Django Unchained Gif

When I put our son in the ERGOBaby baby carrier and tell my wife that I think I could ve carried him around for nine months too,

She’s like:

Community gif

When my wife tells me the baby threw up . . . right into her cereal,

I’m like:

Frightened baby gif