Nate Jones
December 06, 2013 06:05 AM

Drive-thrus are not a place where you expect the unexpected. Picking up fast food at a drive-thru is an act of sacrifice – you’re giving up the possibility of a pleasant dining experience in order to get just a little bit more convenience and dependability in your life. A Big Mac eaten in your car in Wichita should taste exactly like a Big Mac eaten in your car in Honolulu.

Unfortunately, two customers at America’s most beloved burger franchises received unexpected gifts when they picked up their orders recently. And this time, Instagram has nothing to do with it.

In Tennessee, Greg and Stacye Terry got more bang for their buck when they pulled away with their McDonald’s breakfast. Inside the bag, the couple found no McMuffins and no hash browns – instead they discovered thousands of dollars in cash the restaurant meant to send to the bank.

When McDonald’s staff realized their error, they caught up with the Terrys, who returned it immediately.

“There is no other way to have it,” Stacye Terry told News Channel 5. “I couldn’t live with myself.”

A few hundred miles south in Georgia, a Wendy’s patron got a surprise of a different – and more psychoactive – kind. The anonymous customer bit into a cheeseburger in November only to find a marijuana joint placed under the bun, as natural as if it were onions or a pickle.

The woman ate enough of the marijuana to experience mild food poisoning. She called the police, who showed up at the Wendy’s in time to arrest the culprit, an employee who had dropped the joint in the burger by accident after smoking on the job.

(If you want to know what the weed burger looked like, TMZ has the photos.)

The server was fired, and the Wendy’s franchise has offered to pay any medical bills as a result of the incident. Coincidentally, fast-food workers at hundreds of restaurants went on strike on Thursday. Perhaps this unlucky customer would have been better off had her server done the same.

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Adam Roberts, 24, charged with three felony burglary counts related to thefts discovered from as many as 28 storage units in Illinois.
Madison County Sheriff's Office/AP

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