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Steve Helling
October 05, 2009 02:20 PM

Everyone wants to be the Prince.

A biopic of Prince Harry may be coming to the big screen, and some of today’s hottest actors could be perfect for the role.

Although the film, called The Spare, doesn’t have a finished screenplay yet, the Web is abuzz with possible choices to play the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Here are three of the possibilities:

Robert Pattinson
Pros: He’s got the charisma and the heartthrob status, and who wouldn’t want to see him playing one of England’s most eligible bachelors?
Cons: Does anyone really want Pattinson to dye his famous locks red?

Rupert Grint
Pros: He’s got the accent and the red hair. He’s also got great comic timing, which may help him to play the impetuous Prince Harry.
Cons: Would moviegoers really accept Ron Weasley as Prince Harry?

Rupert Friend
Pros: After playing the handsome and charming Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, he may be the perfect fit to play the handsome and charming Prince Harry. And maybe he could convince girlfriend Keira Knightley to go blonde to play Chelsy Davy.
Cons: He’s got a very busy schedule on the London stage, and besides, he doesn’t look a thing like the royal redhead.

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