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POLL: What Should Katherine Heigl's Next Role Be?

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Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Now that Katherine Heigl has checked out of Seattle Grace Hospital officially, where will the Emmy-winning actress turn up next?

The star of romantic comedies like 27 Dresses and Knocked Up, who together with husband Josh Kelley adopted a girl six months ago, said she’s going to focus on motherhood instead of her acting career. But is staying home and changing diapers really in the cards for Heigl in the long run? She already has a slew of upcoming films to promote, including Killers, costarring Ashton Kutcher, out in June, and December’s Life as We Know It with Josh Duhamel.

Perhaps the actress should consider some of the following potential career moves:

If Heigl enjoys playing house but still craves the cameras, she could sign on for a reality TV show following her home life. (She could follow Angelina Jolie‘s lead and adopt a few more kids, since Katherine and Josh Plus 1 just isn’t so catchy.)

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Or she can start a blog about her newfound domestic bliss a la Gwyneth Paltrow s GOOP. We already have a name in mind: KOOP.

What if she gave Jamie Lee Curtis a run for her money – and wrote a children’s book about adoption?

Whatever she decides, there’s one door that Heigl probably shouldn’t attempt opening again anytime soon – a hospital’s. So, tell us: