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People Staff
April 15, 2010 12:00 PM

What Courtney Love wants, Courtney Love gets.

Contrary to reports suggesting the rocker was interested in Robert Pattinson playing her late-husband Kurt Cobain in a planned biopic, Love now says she never planned to enlist the Brit.

“Isn’t that so stupid, who would cast him? That’s just wrong,” Love told The Canadian Press. “No offense.” Softening her position a bit, the Hole frontwoman later Tweeted: “HEY I LIKE R PATZ HES JUST NOT RIGHT FOR KC!”

So, who would Courtney love to play Cobain? She nominated Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy for the role.

(For the record, 63 percent of readers would have loved to see Pattinson channel the former Nirvana frontman on screen.)

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