Stephen M. Silverman And Linda Trischitta
October 24, 2003 10:14 AM

MTV’s “Jackass” star Chris Pontius — who enjoys stunts that require exposure of, or risk to, his private parts — was found sprawled naked and asleep on the hood of a car in the parking lot of a South Beach condominium Thursday morning, reports PEOPLE.

Pontius, 29, best known for his randy and all-but-naked “Party Boy” character, was in town to appear on Thursday night’s MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Miami Beach. After a condo tenant rang police, two officers woke Pontius.

According to the police report, he was drunk and became agitated, took an “aggressive stance,” and told one of the cops, “I’m going to kick your posterior” (or words to that effect).

After the “Jackass” star refused to obey simple commands, he was pepper-sprayed and taken to South Shore Hospital and Medical Center for psychiatric observation.

It was there that an MTV representative picked him up, though it’s unclear if any of this was filmed for a future show. Pontius was neither charged with any crime nor fined, and according to the police report, he did not complain of injuries, foul play or any prank by friends.

Pontius made it to the awards, joking at the podium about his experience from earlier in the day.

The naked incident came just as Pontius prepared to unveil his new MTV show, “Wildboyz,” which debuted Sunday night and featured him and former “Jackass” cohort Steve-O (Stephen Glover) communing with nature, USA Today reports.

“There’s a lot more of a life-or-death element,” Pontius says of the show, which will also have him swimming with grizzly bears in Alaska and racing a cheetah in Africa.

His greatest shock: when one of the grizzlies bit his posterior.

The program is part of a new Sunday lineup for the network that includes another season of Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” and yet another “Jackass” spinoff, “Viva La Bam,” starring pro skateboarder-turned-prankster Bam Margera.

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