Tiffany McGee
August 14, 2008 12:20 PM

Anna Faris plays a Playboy bunny in the upcoming film The House Bunny and posed (clothed) for the September cover of Playboy magazine – but she says she wasn’t always so eager to show off her physique.

In high school, “I felt unattractive, short and self-conscious about my body, and I would purposely emphasize that by doing odd things,” Faris, 31, tells Playboy. “I wore glasses, braces, odd hairdos and dumpy clothes. I was clumsy and awkward. When I was a freshman I wore a Christmas tree skirt as a cape. I couldn’t get any dates until senior year.”

That’s not really a problem anymore for Faris, who was divorced from her husband, Ben Indra, in February. Neither are raunchy comedy roles – which even her parents are used to now.

“When I went with my parents and brother to see Scary Movie at a Seattle strip mall the opening weekend, I was like, ‘Mom, there s going to be a couple of points when I m going to need you to go to the bathroom or get me popcorn. Just obey me,'” she says. “Now I ve totally broken them in.”

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