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Pink's Daughter's Motorcycle Joyride: Readers Weigh In on Singer's Twitter Rant

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Pink isn’t spinning her wheels on what critics think about her parenting skills.

The singer went on a pointed Twitter rant Monday after detractors blasted her for allowing her 2-year-old daughter, Willow, to go on a motorcycle ride with dad Carey Hart, who posted snapshots of the joyride on Instagram.

She’s got some solid support: PEOPLE readers have rallied behind the 34-year-old singer, with many dismissing Pink’s critics as nothing more than naysayers who shouldn’t be meddling into other parents’ affairs.

In a poll on the backlash, two-thirds of readers said Pink’s parenting choices were none of fans’ business. And while a fifth of readers expressed concern over the incident, the remainder of readers agreed that fans overreacted.

“I am sure if Pink thought that her husband would put their daughter in danger, she would not have allowed it,” one commenter wrote about Hart, a onetime motocross champion.

Offered another: “It’s not their business how she chooses to raise her daughter. People always assume that they know what’s right, but the truth is, if any of your families were out in the spotlight, other people would complain about your parenting, too.”

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Other readers, however, were more skeptical. “[Willow] should have had a helmet on,” wrote one observer. “Anything can happen even to a professional.”

Pink herself defended her hubby’s motorbike-riding chops, Tweeting: “If any of u have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride.”