People Staff
June 04, 2010 05:10 PM

As British spy James Bond, Pierce Brosnan battled many fictional bad guys – but now the actor is fighting for a good cause: He wants to help save the whales.

In a new PSA for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Brosnan directly addresses President Barack Obama, telling him that “whales face more threats today than ever before” from everything from pollution to professional whalers to climate change.

“As a candidate you promised to end illegal whaling, and we applauded your leadership,” says Brosnan. “But recent reports reveal your administration supports an international proposal, which gives Japan, Iceland and Norway the license to kill whales.”

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The actor then asks the president promise to protect the whales.

Later this month, the International Whaling Commission is scheduled to vote on a proposal that could allow commercial whaling with certain restrictions.

When reached by PEOPLE, the White House said, “When it comes to international whaling, the goal of the Obama Administration is to conserve whales. The Administration reaffirms its unwavering support for the commercial whaling moratorium and believes that lethal scientific whaling is unnecessary in modern whale conservation management.”

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