Boris Heger/UNHCR
People Staff
September 14, 2009 02:05 PM

While other A-listers let their checkbooks do the talking, Angelina Jolie is back in Africa spreading good will in person. On Saturday, she spent the day visiting a dangerously crowded camp for Somali refugees.

The Dadaab camp, on the Kenyan-Somali border, was opened in 1991 to house up to 90,000 people, but the population is now 285,000 – and growing by as much as 7,000 people a month. Experts say a deadly cholera outbreak is likely with the rainy season coming in October.

“The Somali families I met today are full of warmth and affection,” said Jolie, who is a UN Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador. “I wish more people could meet them, then they would have a stronger desire to help.”
Michael Y. Park

Boris Heger/UNHCR

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