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People Staff
May 25, 2010 12:00 PM

Double take!

Who s that guy with the scruffy beard and knit cap? Not who you might think at first. For a new role on Showtime’s Californication, Rob Lowe (right) has taken a hirsute turn, sporting some facial hair that’s awfully similar-looking to Brad Pitt’s much-buzzed-over beard.

So, is the actor paying specific homage to Pitt? Hard to say, though according to reports Lowe, who is currently appearing on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, will be “playing an insane oscar winner,” as he writes on his official Twitter page. Adds Lowe: “Too bad I don’t know any.” (For the record, Pitt has never won an Oscar, but has been nominated twice.)

Showtime says Lowe, in his three-episode arc, plays unpredictable mega-watt movie star ‘Eddie Nero,’ a contender to portray David Duchovny’s Hank in the film version of his blockbuster novel.

According to Lowe, shooting with Californication star Duchovny has been a positive experience. “Character is SO fun,” Lowe Tweeted. “DD was great.”

As for Pitt, his beard is staying – and he’s not growing it for a role. “It’s boredom,” he told Britain’s the Sun in March about why he’s keeping his facial hair. No other reason than that.”

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