Cara Lynn Shultz
November 22, 2013 02:30 PM

At midnight Thursday, Pharrell Willliams debuted the music video for his new single, “Happy.”

And it’s 24 hours long.

The video is streaming all day on The upbeat song is played on a continuous loop, and features anonymous dancers lip syncing to the song – as well as celebs like Steve Carrell and, of course, Pharrell Williams himself. Plus: A Brooklyn man live-Tweets a breakup, Harvard students don’t know the capital of Canada and more of the most important random things online.

Pharrell Williams Releases First 24-Hour Video
Gimmicky? Sure. But at least it’s a better gimmick than the Rihanna airplane.

Harvard Students Don’t Know the Capital of Canada
What’s even more offensive? The student who refers to her lack of knowledge as “hashtag embarrassing.”

Feeling Cagey Replaces Instagram Selfies with Shots of Nicholas Cage
I suddenly really want to go steal the Declaration of Independence.

Air New Zealand Is Offering Flights to Middle Earth
There’s a joke you could make that “Hobbits won’t eat airline food, amirite?” – but the commercial’s actually really cute.

Brooklyn Man Observes a Couple Breaking Up, Decides to Live-Tweet It
Considering the source (writer and comic Kyle Ayers), he could be trolling us. But why deny anyone the sweet, sweet schadenfreude of two ridiculous people having a ridiculous fight?

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