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Kim Peiffer
January 02, 2011 12:00 PM

As a man who has successfully joined the close-knit Simpson clan, Pete Wentz knows a thing or two about fitting in with the family – and has some words of wisdom for Jessica Simpson‘s fiancé Eric Johnson

“The great thing about being part of the Simpson family is that they’re really welcoming – you feel right at home right away,” Wentz, who is married to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, told PEOPLE at the CIROC New Year’s Eve party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago where he celebrated 2011 with his wife.

“Jessica’s been a great sister [to me] and the Simpson family has been a great support system for me and Ashlee and [son] Bronx,” says Wentz. “They’re my home away from home on the West Coast. It’s really easy and natural to transition into the family.”

How does is Johnson fitting in so far? “Pretty easily, I think,” said Wentz. “I only know him from being around Jessica and I know he makes Jessica really happy so that’s the best thing in the world.

Keeping Romance Alive

Even though Wentz is no longer a newlywed, he doesn’t have a problem with keeping the spark going with Ashlee. “The great thing about Ashlee is that she finds the romantic moments for me in everything,” he says. “We’ll be on the plane and she’ll remember that this is the anniversary of our first flight together. She can always find the romantic side of everything. We’re best friends so it s just really easy.”

As for Wentz’s New Year’s resolutions, he has a different approach to 2011. “I always make New Year’s resolutions and then they’re stupid and don’t happen,” he said. “But my goal this year is to travel places I haven’t been to before. And I think just striving to be a better person. Being a dad, I care about the next generation and what the world’s going to be like for [my son].”

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