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PEOPLE POLL: Miley Cyrus Photos 'Inappropriate'

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Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

PEOPLE readers overwhelmingly object to Miley Cyrus‘s photo shoot for Vanity Fair, but they’re divided on whether it will hurt her career.

In a poll, 77 percent of around 70,000 respondents labeled the Annie Leibovitz photos “inappropriate for a 15-year-old” compared with 23 percent who found them “appropriate.”

On the other hand, readers split on whether this ultimately might hinder or help the Hannah Montana star’s career.

While 51 percent thought the photos might harm Cyrus’s professional standing, 49 percent thought the provocative pictures might, in fact, boost it.

On Sunday, Cyrus apologized for the pictures, and on Monday, Leibovitz said she was sorry for any misunderstanding.