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Celebrity Readers Love Kate, Want to Date Ryan Reynolds

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INF; Jason Merritt/Getty

We asked – and you answered. readers weighed on 2011’s best (and worst) moments in celebrity news – picking the star they’d most love to date, chat with on Twitter and read about all year.

Readers told us they were “so into” Duchess Catherine in 2011 – though Ryan Gosling came in a close second.

But with all their wedding, pregnancy and speedy divorce drama, readers revealed they’re “so over” the Kardashians – choosing the reality TV family in a landslide in our poll.

As for the star readers would most like to date: sexy Ryan Reynolds easily won everyone’s hearts. Mila Kunis was a runner-up in the “Hollywood’s hottest date” category. The Friends with Benefits actress was a stylish favorite with readers handily ruling that she, well, ruled the red carpet in 2011.

See all the reader picks (via 3 million votes!) and review more of 2011’s most newsworthy moments here.