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September 09, 2013 08:00 PM

Need some fast ideas for dinner tonight?

From Trisha Yearwood’s Broccoli Casserole to Bobby Flay’s Sante Fe Burger, we’re here to bring a little star power to your kitchen with our new Celeb Food app. Loaded with more than 200 celebrity-favorite recipes, it’s available for use on both your laptop and your smartphone once you sign up.

After you get the app, be sure to check out the new channel Great Ideas, a destination for anyone who loves to cook, eat, entertain or do crafty projects like this DIY lipstick art – it’s easy, we promise. Here, you also can find Jessica Alba‘s five favorite kitchen gadgets (all under $20!) and the recipe for the veggie-packed frittata Aziz Ansari learned to make in Italy, or discover 19 nutritious snacks your kids will love.

Every day, we’ll bring you new recipes and DIY projects straight from the kitchens of your favorite celebrities, plus advice on healthy eating, kid-friendly activities and home decoration.

The PEOPLE Premium key icon

PEOPLE Premium

You may also have noticed a new purple key icon on our desktop site, as well as a new purple tab at the top of our pages – all this is part of another just-launched section on called PEOPLE Premium, available to our Digital Plus subscribers. Under this plan, you can get more features than ever on in our special Premium channel – from reporters’ behind-the-scenes dish to red-carpet giveaways and exclusive style deals and tips from our editors.

And yes, the main site is still free for everyone – now, there’s just more to love.

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