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PASSAGES: Phil Spector Case on Hold

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DELAYED: Sheriff’s detectives in Los Angeles will not be ready to present a case against music producer Phil Spector, 62, at his scheduled court date next week, nearly six months after an actress was shot to death in his mansion, the lead investigator tells the Associated Press. Spector was arrested for investigation of murder after the body of actress Lana Clarkson was found in the foyer of his mansion in suburban Alhambra on Feb. 3. He is free on $1 million bail.

LOST: Jamaica-born rapper-turned-actor (“The Tracy Morgan Show”) Heavy D, whose real name is Dwight Myers, says he dropped 135 pounds in the last year in an effort to get better acting roles, reports AP. “I went on a couple auditions and one director was kind enough to say, ‘Look, you would’ve had this part but you’re not fitting, you’re stifling yourself,'” he told the Television Critics Association. “He was right. I kind of always knew it in the back of my mind, and I just woke up on a Tuesday and I just kept going.”

QUOTED: “The saddest song is called ‘Drown.’ It’s about realizing it’s getting close to the end. Things are getting crazy. It’s my cry for someone to save me before I drown.” — Fred Durst, 31, to Rolling Stone, about Limp Bizkit’s much-delayed, still-untitled fourth album, now expected in September

ANTICIPATED: Steven Spielberg, 56, is set to executive-produce a 12-hour miniseries for TNT about the 19th-century settlement of the West, the cable network (which, like PEOPLE, is part of AOL Time Warner) has announced. The series, due to air in summer 2005, will follow several generations of two families, one white and one Native American.

BUSTED: Jamaican rapper Sean Paul (“Get Busy”) has been charged with using profanity during a performance at Montego Bay’s Reggae Sunfest last week, reports AP. Paul’s performance last Thursday night was laced with expletives, police commander Newton Amos said Monday. Authorities served him with a summons under a law prohibiting people from using profanity in public and Paul is due in court Wednesday.

REVIVED: Three chewing gum flavors long put to rest will be temporarily hauled out of mothballs, reports the New York Post. They are Beemans, Black Jack and Clove, which actually hark back to the late 1800s, though Baby Boomers with good memories may remember them. (Black Jack, a licorice-flavored gum, was a distinctly acquired taste.) Cadbury Adams will release the gums for a limited time starting in September. Try chewing on that for awhile.