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PASSAGES: Label Gives the Gift of Jewel

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OFFERED: Atlantic Records is giving Jewel fans some freebies if they buy her new album “0304” during its first week of release (it is due out June 3). A download card with a unique PIN number will give fans access to solo live MP3 versions of “The New Wild West” and “Life Uncommon,” reports Billboard. The promotion runs through June 9. The bonus site will also allow access to streaming in-studio footage of the singer, as well as tour clips from her last tour.

WED: Actor Kenneth Branagh, 42, married girlfriend Lindsay Brunnock, an art director, in a small, private ceremony over the weekend, his publicist confirms to Reuters. No further details were provided. It is Branagh’s second marriage; his first, to actress Emma Thompson, ended in 1996. He then had a long relationship with Helena Bonham Carter, with whom he worked on the film “Frankenstein.” They split in 1999.

QUOTED: “I think you’ve got an obligation to a certain extent, but, you know, kids are looking up to you. Don’t go out there rambling if you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s just a lot of dumb stars — big stars — out there” — actor Mark Wahlberg, 31, after being asked by the Boston Globe on whether celebrities should vent their political opinions.

UNFETTERED: Liza Minnelli, 57, who fractured her right kneecap in a fall in Italy, sang “Cabaret” from her Bologna hospital live on Italian TV Tuesday night for a benefit concert for Iraqi refugees hosted in Rome by tenor Luciano Pavarotti, reports Reuters. “Doctors have ordered Liza Minnelli not to leave hospital,” said her publicist Warren Cowan. Minnelli tripped on a step as she was leaving her hotel on Sunday night and was taken to hospital where her leg was set in plaster.

RELEASED: Stephen Glover, 28, better known as Steve-O from the defunct MTV series “Jackass,” was released from a Stockholm, Sweden, jail Tuesday after he admitted guilt to possession of 5 grams of marijuana and a tablet of ecstasy, reports the Associated Press. He agreed to pay a fine of 45,000 kronor, or $5,800, his U.S. lawyer, Jason Berk, said. Glover was detained on May 22 after he told a Swedish newspaper he had swallowed a condom filled with marijuana. The Stockholm district court ordered Glover held in jail until June 6 while a prosecutor prepared possible charges of drug smuggling and drug possession.