Mike Fleeman
July 06, 2007 05:45 PM

Paris Hilton‘s readings from her jailhouse journal on Larry King Live have been set to music in the form of an achingly awful power ballad, complete with an MTV-style video.

Called “A Process A Gift and A Journey” (words from her journal), the video comes from the comedians at funnyordie.com, the minds behind Will Ferrell’s infamous "cursing baby" video.

Why make the video? “Poetry is a dying art form,” deadpans Amy Rhodes, production manager for FunnyorDie.com, “and we just want to make sure this generation’s poets have their voices heard.”

(See the video here.)

Columnist Joel Stein came up with the idea and comedian Scott Brown wrote and performed the song, Rhodes says. Fellow comic Jason Averett put together the video, complete with clips from Larry King Live and paparazzi footage of Hilton’s life.

Also finding the entire Hilton story funny, meanwhile, is UCLA student Shira Barlow, who had the misfortune earlier this year of being assigned a cell phone number that used to be Hilton’s.

Not long afterwards, she was inundated with calls and text messages from people asking things like, “Where’s the party?” When Hilton went to jail, condolences flooded the line; when she got out, there were messages of support.

Barlow tells the Associated Press she plans to keep the number, in part because the amusement outweighs the hassle of changing it. “It was really out of convenience,” she said. “I didn’t want to switch again.”

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