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Paris Hilton Pal Caroline D'Amore Gets Engaged

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Model and Paris Hilton party pal Caroline D’Amore will soon be taking her trademark catwalk strut down the aisle: She tells PEOPLE she’s engaged to filmmaker Matthew Ross.

While taking in the U.S. debut of Sweden’s Odd Molly fashion line at Skybar in West Hollywood, D’Amore, 23, a fixture on L.A. couture runways and the Young Hollywood party scene, said Ross popped the question a week ago.

“He just got on his knee, the crazy b—–d,” says D’Amore, who calls the New York-based filmmaker the first “real” boyfriend she’s ever had.

She added that she was completely taken by surprise. “I didn’t think he was going to do it for a couple of years, for sure, because I’m not only young in general but young at heart and young in mind, so I just didn’t think that he would think that I was ready, but he just kind of popped it on me. And I said yes.”

The couple has been together for about a year after meeting at a hip Hollywood hangout while Ross was in L.A. casting an upcoming film project. “I saw him from across the bar at Jazz Night, Danny Masterson’s night at Guy’s bar and I was like ‘Who is that guy?’ And I walked right up to him and I said hello and we haven’t left each other’s side since. I keep telling him ‘You haven’t left yet?’ This is the longest one-night stand of my entire life!”

Previously best known as a core member of longtime friend Paris Hilton’s pre-jail party posse and a sometimes club DJ, D’Amore is branching out into acting with a leading role in the forthcoming film Pizza With Bullets opposite Talia Shire. She also recently launched her own bikini line and opened a new restaurant in her family’s well-known chain, D’Amore’s Pizza Connection, in Tarzana, Calif.

D’Amore, who says the couple have no immediate wedding plans, happily flashed her engagement ring, which is an heirloom in Ross’s family. “It’s an 80-year-old ring,” she says. “It was his grandmother’s engagement ring. I feel weird wearing it – it was also he’s mother’s engagement ring and now it’s been passed down to me, so I’m like ‘I better not mess this one up!’

“I’ve seen some women look down at it – like ‘Oh, it’s not some big rock from Tiffany but guess what? There’s not a 100 million of these cut out every day, ready for the next wealthy guy. This is something really special – he couldn’t have given this to any girl in the past – and he’ll never be able to give it to anyone else again! – so it’s just so much more meaningful. That’s why we connect.”