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Ozzy's Family Gets Back to Reality

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Awards shows, White House dinners and fans mobbing the front lawn: It’s a typical day at the Osbourne residence.

“The Osbournes,” America’s favorite heavy-metal family, returns to television for its second season Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. The MTV reality series was an unprecedented hit in its debut last season. But developments in the family’s life during the off-season (most notably Sharon’s cancer battle and the whole family’s newfound fame) have raised questions over whether the show’s light, offbeat humor will be jeopardized this time around.

Centered on the lives of Ozzy Osbourne, 53, wife and manager Sharon, 50, and two of the couple’s teenage children, 17-year-old son Jack and daughter Kelly, 18, the show became an instant hit.

“Nine months ago America didn’t even know who I was,” Sharon said Monday on “Good Morning America.”

Indeed, things are looking good in the new episode, continuing the insouciance that characterized season one. Ozzy and Sharon attend the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner, and Kelly practices for her vocal performance on the MTV Movie Awards. Meanwhile, Jack is at home contending with a growing legion of fans on the family’s lawn.

Things are so good at the end of the show, Sharon prophetically says, “Everything is really great for us, that I think something’s going to come and like, you know, knock us on the chin,” the Associated Press reports.

Sharon’s diagnosis with colon cancer is revealed at the onset of the second episode.

Twenty episodes are planned for season two of “The Osbournes.”