Stephen M. Silverman
May 10, 2004 01:00 AM

RETURNED: Carrot-topped crooner John Stevens, despite getting the boot on American Idol, was welcomed with open arms at his upstate New York high school on Friday, saying that he still hopes to land a record deal, reports the Associated Press. “As of now, I’ve received no offers besides just singing at weddings and other local events,” said Stevens, 16, who looked slightly embarrassed as Williamsville East High School principal Neal Miller declared Friday “John Stevens Day” in front of 1,000 students at an assembly. “Sing us a song, Johnny!” a few students shouted. He smiled but did not oblige.

BUSTED: Dan Renzi, 29, the openly gay cast member from the Miami edition of MTV’s “The Real World,” was arrested by undercover vice officers Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo., for masturbating in an adult theater, according to the Smoking Gun Web site. Renzi was charged with indecent conduct and spent a couple hours in custody before posting $500 bail. Speaking to the PlanetOut Network, Renzi explained of the incident: “It was Cinco de Mayo. I had tequila. I don’t want to disrespect the police, and I don’t think the police were wrong. They were doing their job.”

DIED: Olive Osmond, 79, the mother of Donny and Marie Osmond and other members of the performing family, died in Provo, Utah, Sunday due to complications from a massive stroke she suffered more than two years ago, said a family spokesperson. “She was surrounded by those who made her life worthwhile and complete,” said the rep. “Many of her children were at her side. She couldn’t have passed with any greater love and peace than existed in that room.” Olive Osmond is survived by her husband, nine children, 55 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren.

RATED: Thursday’s Friends finale, on which Chandler and Monica embraced twins and Rachel and Ross embraced each other, attracted 52.3 million viewers – solid numbers but nowhere near the ratings for the 1998 Seinfeld finale, which drew 76 million and was third-most watched final program of all time. M*A*S*H still holds the record for most viewers for its finale, 106 million in 1983, followed by the 80 million who witnessed the 1993 wrap-up of Cheers.

MISSED: Sting canceled the opening night of the British portion of his world tour Friday because of a throat infection, Metro Radio Arena said on its Web site, adding that the rocker, 52, is also “canceling concerts in Europe, and has been advised by his doctors not to perform.” Sting had earlier postponed performances in Antwerp, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Rotterdam “due to severe laryngitis,” the singer’s Web site said. Some of these canceled shows are expected to be rescheduled for this fall.

DENIED: The U.S. Supreme Court has tossed out an appeal by two musicians, drummer Lee Kerslake and bassist Robert Daisley, who were seeking royalty payments from Ozzy Osbourne for work they did on his albums Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz, reports Billboard. Sharon Osbourne, who manages husband Ozzy, has stated that the duo’s contributions were removed from the two albums because of their “abusive behavior.”

RECONCILED: Actress Ellen Barkin, 50, and Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman, 60, have ended their marital separation, which lasted only two weeks, reports New York’s Daily News. Acknowledging that the couple had “been through a rough patch,” a spokeswoman says, “they are back together. They love each other very much and are 100 percent committed to their life together.”

FOUND: Michael Moore’s controversial documentary Fahrenheit 911, which was refused distribution by Miramax parent Disney, has been picked up by Britain’s Optimum Releasing for distribution in the U.K., the Financial Times reports. The film, which will debut at France’s Cannes Film Festival (kicking off Wednesday), is said to be critical of the Bush administration.

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