Alex Heigl
May 30, 2014 05:05 PM

Washington, D.C., has a rich musical heritage. From John Philip Sousa to Duke Ellington, the nation’s capital has much to offer the discerning music fan.

And now, the Smithsonian National Zoo is getting involved.

The Zoo has been providing animals with toys and instruments as part of its Animal Enrichment program – if you’re interested in becoming a patron to an aspiring animal musician, you can can donate to the program here.

This cage of Asian small-clawed otters was given a keyboard to play with, and the results are interesting. With as high-strung an animal as otters, Kind of Blue isn’t going to be springing from their paws (small-clawed or otherwise), but they do appear to be having a lot of fun.

Below, a more serene, meditative piece, as Bonnie the orangutan takes to a xylophone.

You can read more about the National Zoo’s enrichment program here, and stay tuned for the otters’ debut at the Kennedy Center.

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