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Kathy Ehrich Dowd
December 17, 2013 02:15 PM

Orlando Bloom‘s marriage to Miranda Kerr ended this year, but don’t think for a minute that this Hollywood hunk has written off romance.

“I’m completely in love with the idea of love. Maybe I’m all misty about it because I’m playing Romeo. But I really believe in, you know, that sort of heart-to-heart connection,” Bloom, referring to his just-completed role in a Broadway revival of Romeo and Juliet, tells January’s Elle.

It probably helps that his relationship with Kerr post-split has been more than amicable. The duo were spotted lunching together with son Flynn, nearly 3, Thanksgiving weekend and Bloom, 36, recently told E! that he and Kerr “both love and cherish each other.”

His good looks, sensitive public statements and virile roles in films, including The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises, make him seem like the total package, but the British-born actor tells the magazine he’s not quite as swashbuckling as he seems. Not that he has a problem with that.

“I’m sure I was a great disappointment to many women because I wasn’t Errol Flynn. I’m me. I think that s got some merit,” he says.

Even so, it’s clear the actor is comfortable in his own skin – literally. He tells Elle he got pretty comfortable doing his first full-frontal nude scene in the upcoming crime film, Zulu.

“It was quite amusing walking around set and seeing the crew avert their eyes at first,” he says. “I got so comfortable with it I could brush up behind someone and go, ‘Oh, excuse me.’ ”

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