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June 24, 2014 08:15 AM

The ladies of Litchfield were granted furlough last weekend for a little visit to the Big Apple. To celebrate their second season, Orange Is the New Black hosted a press gathering in New York City.

Turns out, when Piper Chapman is away, her lovers will play. PEOPLE sat down with Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon, who both portray exes of OITNB‘s protagonist Piper (Taylor Schilling), to chat about life on the prison set.

While they share a convict in common on the Netflix hit, we asked these stars about a different prisoner making the news: hottie thug Jeremy Meeks.

“Of course, we heard about that!” Prepon exclaimed when handed Meeks’s mugshot.

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“Did you see the other picture that was posted of him, though?” Biggs interjected, referring to a less than flattering photo of the alleged criminal. “That one sort of debunked this picture. But this is a pretty damn good photo. I’m just saying.”

Jeremy Meeks
Courtesy Stockton Police Department/Facebook

Biggs and Prepon are not alone in admiring Meeks. His mugshot has received thousands of Facebook likes, a newfound popularity his mother has used to start a fundraiser for her son’s legal defense.

So, what is it about the 30-year-old con that is so striking?

“It’s his eyes,” said Prepon, without hesitation. Biggs quickly chimed in as well, and he was even more enthusiastic with his praise.

“Look at the jawline! I mean, wowza!” he said. Then, making light of the situation, he added: “If I was his victim, and that was the last face I looked at in my life … could be worse. Could be Charles Manson, or it could be this guy.”

Meeks’s looks don’t just work on celebrities – the actors are certain these qualities will serve him well in jail too.

“I think he’ll do just fine in prison with that teardrop on his eye,” Prepon suggested.

“They’re going to see the teardrop and be like, ‘Never mind, if you come to me that’s good, but otherwise, it’s look don’t touch,’ ” Biggs added.

“Just a little prison eye candy,” Prepon agreed.

However, when given the chance to choose one of OITNB‘s fierce female characters to bunk with, Prepon wasn’t as quick to respond.

“Every time someone asks me, ‘Who would you want to be your prison wife?’ I don’t know how you choose, because all the girls are so awesome in their own individual ways.”

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